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Health Literacy
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Oral health literacy and timely dental visits is the effective and efficient method to provide accountability in overall health and to reduce costs for chronic health problems.

Oral illness (i.e. tooth decay, bleeding gums, dental bone loss and chronic bad breath) is the most common chronic health concern. From birth, oral illness is predictable and preventable. Evidence demonstrates that oral health and overall health are connected via:

    • Age specific daily habits, situations, lifestyle choices, conditions
    • Lack of timely dental visits
    • Inflammation - chronic gingival infection and dental bone loss have co-morbidity with chronic health problems
    • Wellness and self-confidence - dental illness is a common threat to school and workplace performance and attendance and presents additional burden for those suffering poverty

With My SmileGuideU®, a secure, comprehensive and personal oral health tool is just a click away. For more information about how health literacy and the impact poor oral health, click the links below: